Why do we struggle to undertand life?

When people do not understand the life pattern, When they are not able to understand what life says at a certain period of time then most of us got frustrated. We sometimes lose ourself control when life says I will be like this only.

We want something else in our life but life gives something else to us. Most of the time

we struggle to understand this why this happened to us. Most of the time we keep complaining and keep saying that we do not deserve this.

Whatever we start in our life, Whatever means Whatever, from our schooling to College, from Jobs to Business, Marriage to children, Parents to Grand Parents and a lot more to say. We always do these things just because of one thing which is happiness.

Somehow we come to know that by doing such schooling our life will be hell, by getting this marriage our life be worse, By doing this job or business a hell lots of pain and frustrations will be there. Will be doing this, either way, Definitely NO,

We were doing this all stuff because of we were chasing happiness and we were in confidence that our life will be better and it was but for some period of time. When time goes and we start getting the sense that something is missing and we are not living life the way it should be.

When I got my first job in the travel in India I was so happy that by the sense that now my life is settled. When time goes day by day and month by month and faced a horrible atmosphere of Corporate World then I realized I am in Jungle where everyone is hunting each other just because of they will get a good hike, good Salary,

When I left that job and start thinking about what was happening from last two years then I released most of the human doing the same thing in their life. I was very happy when I Joined that company but soon happiness was not there at all. There was just adjustment of life and for that everyone is getting a salary at the end of the month.

Most of the people which I know them personally or Formally have the same concern about life. They have so much complained about life and they keep saying that life is not like that that we used to think.

When I see my life then I found that happiness has nothing to do with Jobs, Money, Security, There is something hidden by which we are not aware of. We have forgotten something because life has added so many experiences to our memory.

Whatever they are good, bad, bitter, but they just an information that lies in our brain cells. When I see my past experience then I just can think about them, Those experience cannot be physical at this time. I mean those experience cannot stop myself to write this article.

So why can’t we take all our life experiences in this way that they are just a memory nothing else? and Indeed they are just a memory, every passing second becoming a memory into our brain.

And our brain play game with us then why can’t we play the game with our brain.

We are not our brain, We are not our body.

We Should fully understand this thing and follow this instinct to apply all the bull shit happened to our self.

We must avoid as much as we can whatever uncomfortable for us.

I mean we must focus on the things which are closed to our heart and avoid all things which are energy sucker and have nothing to do with the long-term goal.

Even then something happened to us which are bad, bitter then treat this like a information or memory only because indeed it just like a memory only.

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