Why People ignore their inner voice?

I have been observing this from my different experience of life. People don’t trust their gut feeling and they keep following the same thought process year on year. They kill the time in a fear where they feel like if they come out from the comfort zone then all thigs gonna be worse.

they have a habit to follow the same thought and same life pattern no what they are sacrificing for this. They do not want to lose them a comfort zone which is not a comfort zone at all.

They realize this thing when valuable years of life gone somewhere and now they can not anything in this. Time has gone and they are just feeling helpless because now they

can not get back the time which got over. Everyone seems to do the same thing and when time went then they feel cheated themselves.

This is very a very critical issue when we feel like we have done nothing that means we would have done something else.

But why most of the people are not able to do the things which are necessary for them.

They know it in deep and they also sense it. But no one seems to be serious about this but yes when time went then they act and look like what the hell they have done with their life and they act like they are very serious about their time.

This is the story of most of the human being on this planet. They are not enjoying their life. They just killing their time with things which are not necessary for them.


We have to deal our life with a sense that every moment of our life is a precious moment.

At the time of writing, this article every second and every minute getting passed and these moments are very precious means that this time (30-04-2018 at 7:35 PM in Delhi) will not come again in this universe.













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