Best things in life happened when you are alone. Best decisions of life are taken when you are alone.

If we look into the history then we will find that all musicians, Scientists, Poets, Author were a loner.

They prefer isolated themselves from the Society, World, Companies, Their surrounds, their friends and some of them make the distance from their own family as well.

If they could not make them separate from these social activities then they suffered a lot.

Most of them have different of kind of brain mapping which does not fit in the social environment. That is why they always seek loneliness where they can recharge their self and have their own thought process and work on their creativity.

Swiss psychiatrist and psychoanalyst Carl jung:

He popularized the word introversion and extroversion. Introversion is a Personality treat where a mind is mapped in such way that people feel more comfortable to be alone and easily get distracted in a social atmosphere.

He studied this personality trait in detailed and let the world know what introversion is and why Creative souls struggle to be social.  Loner People have lots of struggle when they are in the social environment and they are socially unfit.

Artist, writer, sculptor, scientist, engineer, composer and inventory prefer to be alone and by this comfort level, they create awesome things in their Field and world accept their wisdom sooner and later.

Ravindra Nath Tagore:

For Example, “Ravindra Nath Tagore” has same Personality trait where he used to take a decision from Freedom Fight Activities. Whenever he feels likes to be alone when he used to resign from all the members from all groups and used to go alone in villages and lonely place.

In an isolated atmosphere, he used to create awesome Poems and novels.

As Like Albert Einstein also said that “if are looking for truth then be a loner”.

Like Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak rightly said that:

 “I’m going to give you some advice that might be hard to take.

That advice is: Work alone. Not on a committee. Not on a team”

All great books and novels on this planet are written in isolated places. Authors who wrote these great books and novels were a loner and they seek inspiration from their inner world to achieve this status where they could write such great books of history.

These people go in alone places where they can feel their soul in full fledge of life and they can seek the truth. They become very spiritual when they were alone and they got such inspiration to write these great books and novels.

In Current Era as well there are some people who claim to be lost their sense when they were alone and meditating in some way. When we use to alone then we are in different energy where we perceive the world in its actual way. Most of the time it happens with us that we get diplomatic and we praise to the people unnecessarily, however, we are not willing to do that.

Whatever we know through our friends, culture, societies, and families, we have to analyze the things in some way because we cannot trust blindly whatever we have been told.

If we are really interested in knowing life in all its depth and deeper dimension then we should really seek for loneliness or we should try to be alone from the crowd. Then we can have deep self-observation for yourself and for the world.

Because most of the time we look outside to get the happiness and success. Because the necessary nature of life does not lie the physical and psychological dimension of body and mind but in their source.

It has been my life experience as well whenever I feel exhausted and feel over thinking about

Thoughts then I seek an alone place to be. Where I can observe the situation, and there are no distractions as well. There so many incidents happened in the past and the current time as well where people got fade up in this living situation and went away from that situation and entered in alone places. Where they found the life aim and their life motives and their life direction. And by doing such act they could live their meaning of life. All this just happened with people who are looking for the true meaning of life and indeed they are looking for their own reality.

When you are alone then you have the freedom to do everything on your way. You have the chance to focus on your every task very carefully. Whether it is reading, writing, thinking, Watching your favorite Movie, If you want to learn something in your way from any documentary or from any movie then you should watch this alone.

If you want to learn something from any book then try to read this book in an isolated area where the atmosphere is fully peaceful.

If you are looking something meaning and want to create something unique in your life then you should take the help of isolation. Disconnect all the connection from sociality, switch off your laptop, mobile phone, social media, take your Favourite book and go alone places and have something to entertain so if you get bored then you can take help the from these things to kill your boredom.

Everyone in this world wants to get his/her on own world. Like its money, job, career, love, happiness, everyone is looking for perfection in these things. They are looking for a prime situation in these by doing hard work, By making different plans and by using a different strategy.

Everyone is looking at the top situation in everything. Whatever they are doing they want to top on that.

To achieve this, we fight each other, we compete for each other, and sometimes we cross the Limits and not bother what other will feel if we do such acts.

We just ignore these things and go ahead whatever we feel what is right for us. But when a situation gets apposite to us then us gets frustrated, angry, fully unpeaceful.

It also depends on nature what kind of nature any particular person has. He/She will behave according to his/her nature.

But one

fact is true that eternally we all are same. When we feel hearted, and feel lost when we try to disconnect from which are responsible for our frustration and anger.

And then magic happened with us when going to alone places and think about the situation, then we are in the situation we might take a good decision. I mean there is light to make the situation better. Otherwise, if we do not disconnect the situation and keep fighting for the same way then situation never gets change and we remain on the page in terms for solving the problem.



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