Life Conspiracy against us


When in life, all things are like that whatever you think to think are full of Doubt.

When all your decisions are full of fear and not sure if this going to right decision or it will be proved as a disastrous once again in your life,

When Your past Contains Dark Aspect of life and your past witnessed that Life has already decided horrible conspiracy for you.

When your time, life, fate plan a very solid plot against you which could not be understood at all.

Like the same way we also plan our life with a very confident way and have full faith to make life better.

But what someone should do when life is waiting for you with a very solid plan which is against you and you are not aware about this.

What someone should do when whatever decision you are taking is full of fear and full of uncertainty because it has been consistence process.

Life always creates very deep and sharp conspiracy against you which is absolutely invisible to you and you go ahead in your life with your Thoughts, with your beautiful plans, with your beautiful ideas to make the life better.

As you go ahead in your life to get the success in your life with all your positive energy, with all your Enthusiasm than you found yourself in the conspiracy of life which was created for you without your knowing.

It happens with all of us.

It is just like that soldier going to war with full of his planning, with full of his mindset to win the war, but all of Sudden an Attack  happens upon him and Soldier got injured badly without Fighting.

Than He kept himself aside and keep asking for himself, why I could not sense this attack?

Exactly the same things happen in life also, where we are not aware what is hidden in the next step in the life.

When we see our self badly injured because of life’s conspiracy

Then we doubt our decisions, we doubt our thoughts, we keep asking our self,

Am I thinking in the right way?

Am i making a Solid plan to make the life better?

Am i Creating Solid Strategy to make the Future Batter?         

And if this is happening with you constantly for longtime then you sense an unknown, fear to take your decisions, You feel fear to make your plan, You feel uncertainty when you know unknowingly that life’s

You have planned might be failed again, your thoughts may go wrong again, then it becomes very difficult to take decisions.

But as it happens in war, no matter how much we are injured, no matter how much we disappointed, no matter how much we tired, we have to fight because if we do not fight than we are not, as simple as that.

If we have the same situation in our life, even then we cannot stop taking a decision, We cannot stop making our planning’s, We cannot stop our self into thinking that “I will make my life better”.

In these horrible life situations also we have to take the decisions, No matter what life has decided against your, No Matter What Fate, Time has planned for you, we have to take decisions, we have to make our own plant to win the this war with life.

The most Genius personality of the world won this war with life and they set a milestone for those who are in the same situation and struggling with their time, life and their space in this world.

If life is trying to make you full of fear, then you also make the plan to make the life full of happiness.

Let the life make you injured hundreds of times, because when you injured being fought with life and with your time, then you will realize the real meaning of War.

Think about a Solider who never Injured, Who Never Wounded being Fight, Who Never got a Wounded Mark on his Body.

I think a Soldier who badly injured and just waiting to recover to fight it again than he can realize the Real meaning of war.

Just a like Solider,   Don’t accept your defeat with your time, life, fate, whatever it is

Let’s start “Mahabharat” with life.

In this blood Spotty Bloody Game that time will also come when life’s Neck will be in your hand and you will have eye to eye contact with your time, with your life, with your fate, when you will have your life the way you wanted to it to be.

That time will also come when you will live life as a life.


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