Are Painful Moments Really Painful?


This is absolutely true that you and me always try void pain from your life but this is just like you are trying to avoid having food and you want to live. There is a life than there is a pain.

Pain creates very uncomfortable moments in our life which leads to frustration and depression.

Every human being do not want to get frustrated and depressed in his life but is that possible?

Is that possible that pain should not be there in our life?

Will it possible for you that you can live your life without having pain full moment?

When it comes to dealing with pain then you have to change our thought pattern to deal with it.

As Someone Said:

Whatever you do in this universe, Don’t think there is only your energy work on that Task. There are so Many energies work on single task in this universe. I might be 100 % Sure to accomplished my act on time but their other energies as well which work on same task and that may cause to fail our task and which is not in our control.

You might afraid to get your failure in something as I do.

You always remain very careful about this as every human being on this planet try to do this. If we look in the history then we will find there a so many people, they have experienced great failure in their life but they bounce back and created history.

Most Extraordinarily and famous people in the history have experience Most failure in their life. They failed continuously and kept Gotten up back. They Feel the pain at the top but they did not take call to quit and that it was just take to successes.


Like Ibrahim Lincoln to Gandhi, From Charli Chaplin to Steph King.

One Charli Chaplin Said: “Failure is unimportant. It takes courage to make a fool of yourself”.

Whosoever did this was inspired by his dark side of his life.

There are life’s which tells that our darkest moment is the main Cause to do something Extraordinary in our life.

Want to do something great in your life than try to learn from pain and convert that anger and energy in meaning full energy.


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