Human emotions are so complicated

I think most complicated things which exist in this universe is human experience or human emotions.

This is the thing which are fully responsible for are happiness, sadness, anger, smile and many more.

From Wake up time to the sleeping time, we do struggle every second, every minute, every hour with our thoughts and emotions.

On Daily Basis, we get Involve in so many things, Walking, Jobs, eating, Laughing, gossiping with friends, do diplomacy sometimes, Get Angry sometime, walking alone, walking with friends, Reading, Watching movie, and many more.

While doing these activities we always stay in two states either we are happy or Sad.

We read lots of book, magazine, watch movie, watch inspirational videos, learn from the people around us. By so many sources, we come to know about human emotions and physiology.

In Most of the time we stay in these human emotions Only.

We Hardly release that we are not those experience and Emotions.

But this whole system or process of emotions is very complicated, which is very hard to understand.

Even we know these things, but this process is so complex that we fail to understand that human emotions and experience are very fragile.

But in a day, Do We have such experience where we can release that day will also come when everything will be Zero?

Yes, that day will Definitely come in everyone’s life Where We will be on zero state from all the boundaries.

When this is true then can’t we live a day with that sense. Whatever is happening with us that make us frustrated, angry, sad, Even happy. That will be no Longer available and this is true.


We very soon get upset when something goes wrong, and next movement we feel happiness very soon without realizing that it just two aspects of one coin.

And situations get worse when we associate Our self with these emotions and experience of life.

When someone commit the suicide, in most of the cases that person is failed to understand his/her physiological drama.

Actually, everyone on this planet experience this world differently, however most of the human being live the same life on this planet like, they born, they get education, get married, re-produce child like our parents did and gone.

Everyone seems to repeat the same cycle even then we do experience this world differently.

Like our parents had their own experience when we born. We will have our own experience when our children born. However, this is same process but we experience this differently.

Likewise, I experience this world in unique way which I only can experience. No other person on this planet can perceive this world exactly the same way that I perceive.

Similarly, everyone has his/her unique way to perceive, experience this world, however everyone is perceiving the same reality in his/her way.

But most important thing is that eternally we all are same. Oneness Rule goes for everyone on this planet.

When we all are same eternally then our emotions and experience only the cause by which we experienced this world differently.


However, there are some practice where we can go beyond these Emotions and feel free from all Boundaries. That status known as Zero thought where we do not think at all. This Could be done by doing meditation.

I think when we know this true that one day everything is going to be zero and every passing movements taking us to that zero reality.

Then this realization is a very source to handle all the negative and positive emotions in way that actually they are.

This happens when we do meditation and our mind go Quite and that status also come when we do have zero thoughts.

It has proved that there are around 65000 thoughts come in our mind in a day.

And if we do not have self-control and mind control then our mind will work in a way that we want.

In Hinduism, Our Mind being treat like a Monkey and we do not control this then it has capability to control us.

When we go to sleep then enter in different world and it is happening with us on daily basis.

We do not remember our physical exist when we sleep. It might be zero thought reality in some way. When this can happen with us at the time of sleeping then we can also be sense zero thought reality while we are not sleeping.

So, if we live a day with this sense of zero thoughts reality that we can effectively handle all the situations every well.

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