In Situation where you Feel Uncomfortable


Let’s, take an example which you can relates to any situation of life and such incidents happens to everyone. Most of the time we remain aware that things will be bit uncomfortable when being in some situation. And we accept that uncomfortable situation due to n Numbers of reasons.


But problem rises! When this accepted uncomfortable situations becomes worse situation where being in that moment like a punishment for you. You feel shameful being in that moment. And, the people who are available in that situations, diplomatically dragging on you, you know that they are targeting on you in some way, they know they are targeting you.


YOU and they all know what is going on and what situation is saying.


When you tolerate these thing at some level that is fine but it will become punishment for you when it crosses the limit and YOU become victim of that situations.


Being in such situations, you have to control your anger, you have to keep yourself calm because this is the exactly situation where you lose your temper and lose you self-control.


This situation will define your guts How much passions you have to wait to come right moment to express yourself. Because you are being a target in particular situation for N numbers of reason and you are being insulted diplomatically than you should not lose your temper because if you do so, then your image whatever it is right now will be in worse level.


No need to say, if you are being target in a group due to XYZ reason and people are dragging on you than definitely your image is not good and people are not considering you with their level.


This will be a Lesson for everyone who has been in such situation, this situation asking you to prove yourself. Because if you will not prove yourself than people will not take you seriously and they will have that low image in their mind about yourself.


To erase that image from their mind, you have to prove yourself. This is the way to justify yourself. If you are verbally saying so much thing which seems to be very highly intellectual things

But in your actions those things are not visible and your actions says something else than people will not trust you.

Actually, if you are claiming something about yourself than must stand for it. You must be in that role. Your way of thinking, your way of talking, sitting, running, speaking, should be like that person only which you are claiming to be. If you are not ready to be that person and publicly you are announcing that about yourself than you are a fool.


By this way, you are just killing yourself. It is like that you are going to war and want to win the war but without weapons. And, most surprises thing is that your enemy is fully loaded with automatic weapons.


It is like you are going to suicide by choosing this way to war.


So, first of all invest time to make yourself ready, invest you all time to achieve that thing and analyses every hour if you are achieving your goals or not.



If you are lacking somewhere than focus on where are you lacking and if you are not able to find out the reasons, then do extensive research on it.


Don’t sit Ideal and don’t accept the defeat because you are not going to lose this game.


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