“Do we do everything for nothing”


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As I read in one of the most sold book in the world “Alchemist”.

In this book writer has mentioned about something which is known as YOUR True calling. One voice which always remain with us, we always remain in hurry to do something important in our life which lead us to “Do everything for Nothing”.

We pretend to do something important in our life like from Job, Career, Education, Marriage, Child etc.

We always pretend to do something in which we subconsciously do don’t see any value.

We know that Most of the time in our life, we are doing things because our relatives, Friends, Colleague, doing something in their life in terms of earning good money, having good car, Live better life, Leading big business, etc.

We always have comparison towards our closed relationships. This comparison creates a layer on the voice which we always remain inside us.

In this comparison we forget to deal with who we are really is. We do compromise to live our life for the things in which we do not see any true Value.

We know this but we blindly follow the voice of others. Actually, we have fear to walk alone or to follow our dream because we follow others, it seems to be more secure to follow others because we see others are happier than us.

In most of the case, this is our just un assumption because we don’t know what is the reality how someone is living his life. We just observe other on the base of their achievement in terms of financial achievements and life security, Love life, or may be others things as well. And this lead us not follow our dream, or our teaser.

we sense fear when we walk alone to follow our dream.


We don’t have pay attention about like are they happy?

Are they enjoying their life whatever they are doing?


As our mind sends false signals to our self with on the basis of false comparison. Somewhere in deep we know that this is not the thing that we should do in our life but we don’t pay attention towards that calling.


Sometime situations come in our life where we think about our dream that this is not our destiny,

We have chosen wrong path to deal with life, and the source of this force comes when we don’t see any light, any hope, in our chosen path of life.

When we struggle on different level of emotions, responsibilities, Fear of not able to get success, Sacrifices, And Many things.

When such time comes in our life than this is the exactly time to ask truly to our self what we want in our life.

What is that thing which will keep coming to us in life again and again if we do not do that thing?

It will keep haunting us, because we cannot flee from our self.

We have to talk to our self to search our treasure.

When tough time comes in our life and if you compromising then you are not choosing your way to get your treasure.

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