Do we know anything about OurSelf ?


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We all are born, with already defined interested. Everyone has unique quality about his/her which we have to identity to our self. Actually, This has been questioned for all the time why do we exist here.

If we look at the history from ancient time, look at the time that has been over and the time that is about to come. From the Beginning, can you think how many people born and die. People are getting born and getting die. If look at the history then we know only those people who fought the war, some has been king, few of them have been great writer, inventor.

Some of them did the great work in Spirituality and even they claim to be god being in human body. They did have five sense as normal human being have. Even then they achieve something extraordinary in their life which was unknown to the world and was very useful for the World.

Here are the main questions, what we should be do with our life as per our ancestor told us?

Should be follow them as per they have said to us? Should we go behind them without releasing that if that is correct or not.

We know the history and past only for these people who has done something different in their living style. They had Questioned about them, they questioned about this universe, they questioned everything, and they go ahead to look the answer of these questioned.
The most important thing is that they questioned about them self. When they did search on this then they could find something satisfying at some level.

Yes, whatever has been told as of now about this universe is that it just satisfies us with some level.
Whatever, information, knowledge is available yet will be satisfy us for some level. There will be no time when every human being on this planet will be satisfied with their existence.
Because everyone kept telling us that this is the reality based on their experience, when we have realization about this universe then we will tell others to, this is the reality whatever knowledge, information we will get.
So Main struggle which exist in every person life and everyone seem to be confuse about this.
What should they do with their life and how they live their life happily.

As we all know that every passing day decreasing from our life and we are getting much close to our ultimate destination.
Between from today time to our ultimate destination, we have to utilized our time in the best possible way. Where don’t have any regret at all the end of our life.
So, to utilize our time in best possible way, just find out the best possible to live where our every moment is full of enjoy.
I mean we should live life like, where all the possibilities of life take place in life. We should achieve high level of everything whatever we are doing in our time. And to do this, we just need to centralized our energy on the things which are very our own.
Whatever locality, Environment suites us where we do feel much comfortable and our brain get active and new ideas start coming to our mind.
We have to try to be stay in such atmosphere as much as possible. To shave our energy, we have to save our self from the things which cause to drain our energy. Whatever it is, it may be like your friends, may be your house, your office, even it may be your dressing sense, your look, when you stand in front of mirror and YOU think that there something needs to be change in our look than you must change that thing in your personality.

It may be you’re here style, you’re talking and walking style, whatever making you uncomfortable then you just leave that thing immediately. If you do not so, then you will lose your own personality type very soon, and you will be under that habit and you will start living with that habit without knowing it.

This is very deep, and most of the time are not able to recognize this thing. We just seem to be struggle with lot with things.
When I say, this is very deep, by saying this I Meant to say that we are aware that we know this and even this always remain in our observation but even then this thing work on us on the same manner.
And, this where we become slave of our own trace which is being created by us unknowingly.



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