Are you really achieving your dream or You are making yourself?


In my observation whatever time we have got from this universe is on high price. Here price does not mean that money is involve in your time but there so many other things in your life which matter a lot in comparison of money.

Because once you have money then what will you do with this money?

You are going to spend this money on desire or pending wishes, traveling, so many things.

Hence, ultimate destination is to have dream life your choice where you have peace and satisfaction in your life.

Our days are going like there is nothing important to do in our life. But in reality there is so much to do. Lots of things are pending which are supposed to be done from our side to have our dream life and we are the people who are going to deal with it.

You know this very well and your careless attitude will be responsible for this.


This Careless behavior will be responsible for all the mess that you will do with your dream and will be happened in the future. Can you pay that?

Are you ready to pay that which is going to happened because of your careless behavior?


How will you answer to yourself when things will not be in your control?


What will do when you will feel cheated by yourself?


How will you feel when you will not able to complete your commitment?


On every day you must keep in mind that you are spending every hour of your life is like you have unlimited hours in life.


There is cost involve on the time that you have been allotted. This cost involves not have complete your dream.

Every hour should be spending in such way that outcome of that hour should be higher in comparison of invested time in that hour.

Look at the person who does all his work in day and at the time of sleeping he analyses all the things which he has done in the day.

I think this is the best way to analysis your time and day, and life.

If you have no clear understanding of your hours and minutes, how are they going to spend?


Then there are chances that your life is also going the same way where you are not aware where is your life is going on?


You have your dream, you have your dream life in your mind, and this is something which you must do in your life because this the only thing which will make you happy.

And something is there which will make you happy and you want to do but what is there than that is stopping you?

Definitely there something which have higher force then you dream. There is something which contains more strong force which keeps you away from you dream life.

And somehow you are not able to identify that Unknowingly you are not with your dream but you are with that unknown force which keeps you away from your dream life.

There could be numbers of causes from Procrastination to Self-confidence, From Illusion to some unknown Fear,

From False excuses to Laziness, from relationship to Finance, From Lack of resource to Lack of understanding of goal.

Suppose you have such obstacle in your life and you are not getting the way to deal with it.

Than you are the only person who will be responsible not to achieve our dream life and later on keep complaining and regretting about the things which causes you not achieve your dream life.


I think this situation will be worse when you have “LOTS OF THINGS” which stopped you to achieve you dream life.


That situation will be awesome when you have “LOTS OF THINGS” which stopped you to achieve your dream life and you “BOUNCE BACK” them and you have your own story to conquer with these “LOTS OF THINGS”.


Because at the end you will be the only person who is going to regret on the thing which were supposed to do by you but you did not do due to Numbers of reason.


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