Can you do this for you in any time of your life

Well, this is very hard to release that if we are afraid with something, it might be a fear to be open with someone, it might be fear not to discuss your plan with anyone in the confidence that people will Criticize you or they might laugh at you.

They will laugh at you because you have something to say about your life which seems to be nonsense to the people. People do not Easily trust on your plan and your strategies because they are very habitual to see the things in the traditional way.

When you are planning to start your own business or do what you wanted to in your whole life, at the half of your age or any time of your age. These numbers of years contain so much life Experience and memories which says you are struggling with yourself to find out the ideal way to live.

They Will Be Surprise or Will Not Agree?

Suppose! spending half of your life or any time in your life, you look at yourself as a writer, businessman, an artist, Musician and to be somebody else that you always wanted to be that person in your life. You want to be a someone that you always wanted to be in your life.

When you discuss these things with people than people take these very surprisingly and laugh at you.

Because they have Hidden comparison between you and them and they secretly thinking that Now! You will start your own business or whatever else you want to be in your life.

This happens a lot with people when you say something which does not fit in people traditional thinking pattern. They used to think like this only.

But You know your situation very well, how much curious you are about your planning and things.

You know this with the confidence that best versions of yourself yet come. You know very well, you have not lived your life with that person which is hidden inside you and that person yet to come into this world from YOU.

You know that What has hidden YOU and why you don’t respond to the people when they make fun at you. You are very gentle with such people because YOU know that you have the Guts to change their mindset about you.

Actually, there is so much to tell the World about the world and about yourself and about everything.

Whatever you do in your life people will always have a problem with that. Whatever you do for the sake of the people, like you do your job which you don’t want to do but you do because false motives are hidden in that job or whatever you do in your life.

No matter how many job or work you have changed to find out the right work for you. No matter how many times you failed to achieve the things. These drawbacks of your life show that you did not catch the right train in your life yet.

There will be a situation where you will morally have dissatisfied with yourself and you had been to, you had guilty for something about which you thought that you should not have been a part of that. No matter how much tuff time you have seen and no matter how many times you think about Bull Shit Things in your life.

Do you really understand which does not exist?

This is the process and this will be a process and you have to deal with this. Whatever, you do in your life, just keep experimenting with it, take lots of experience from it, this is just one time, no other time, Only Single these 70 Years or Whatever time has been allotted to you from this nature.

What is the point to be in fear and due to what reason?

If you honestly see all the things in this world, then there is nothing to be fear. You know that very well, how much afraid you were when you were giving the exam of 10th standard.

You know that fear, how much you were in fear when the 10th standard exam was about to come. You know the fear when you were in 12th standard and having fear to fail. You know why you were so much in fear at that time because you were thinking about the failure and you stuck to that thing only.

But now think about that fear, does it really matter to you now?

Not at all. Our whole fears in life are just like that only you are giving 10 standard Exams.

To be very honest it is true. Because whatever you are struggling right now will not matter at all after 5 Years or may in one year.

After five years you will have a different kind of fear and again you will be in 10 Standard do deal the fear.

You know that where you did lie to yourself and you know that what you are lying to yourself and you know your gut what you want.

Think about your childhood and the real nature of yours, where you do feel comfortable and where you do uncomfortable. There is no time to waste at all, and just look at the things which you really are. Just look only for those which will make you real YOU.

Are you with you:

Just dig out that person which is inside you and work on that person because only that person can give you real happiness. It is not just a case of your happiness, it is just that you will make wonders to the others live as well.

You have to forgive yourself for something and you have to be kind with yourself. Whatever you did in our life with yourself knowingly or unknowingly and whatever you do with others as well.

This whole world just like an illusion and everyone has his own way, aspect, angle to see the things. You have been the witness of so many things that they were not like as you were used to thinking about them.

You know many incidents of your life, when you were totally so shocked to see the things.

Being shocked was fine because things, people were not like as you were expecting them to be in that way.

You Know that truth also when you were more surprised and shocked to see yourself than the others. So, these all things it will come along the way to get your treasure. It just that how will you deal with these obstacles. Once you learn then you will face all the hurdles and obstacle with confidence.

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